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             We cook 4 you with love

Planning your holidays in Crete? Are you already here? You can always get the experience of the local traditional food at your place of residence with one of our Private Chefs or you can cook with us and enjoy the experience!!

Here in Crete, we believe that a warm and hospitable house is a house filled with vibrant colours, wonderful flavours and intriguing smells. The team of our chefs is ready to take care of every aspect of your cooking journey by offering you the most eclectic and lively cooking services. We love and support Crete’s cooking and traditions. Our mothers and grandmothers pass us tips and secrets that are families treasures and traditions. Υou can begin your day with a good Cretan breakfast with high nutritional value and to continue with a lunch or dinner. Or maybe… why not both?


A BBQ in your back yard, an event that you would like to celebrate can be done. There is no gastronomic experience our staff can’t accommodate. Enjoy your vacation in Crete by trying out the local gastronomy at its finest. Let us cook for you and enjoy the Cretan-Mediterranean cooking. Also if you happen to be vegan or vegetarian, with us you can taste the pure products of Crete (‘s earth), prepared in recipes tailored just for you. Come with us for a walk to explore the ingredients of your food and the wild herbs that, since ancient times, have been the balm of body and soul. Let’s create a menu explicitly for you, let’s travel in time, discover and taste a meal coming fresh out of the Minoan Civilization era.

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