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Food safety concerns are at the centre of the pandemic. The source of COVID-19 is believed to have started at a “wet market” in Wuhan, China. Wet markets pose an increased threat of animal disease passing from animals to humans, as it’s difficult to maintain adequate hygiene standards with animals being slaughtered on site.

But based on previous outbreaks of similar diseases, experts from the European Food Safety Authority claim that there is no evidence that food is a source of transmission.

Precautions taken by our Chefs

We strictly recommend that our Chefs adopt safety food practices as well as proper hand hygiene to reduce exposure and transmission of a range of illnesses. Below you can find obligatory measures and suggested precautions on food handling during a service.


  • Frequent washing of hands in between handling raw and cooked foods. Good hygiene and sanitation are important to avoid cross contamination between different types of food.

  • Thorough cooking and proper handling of raw meat products. Since viruses are very sensitive to heat, cooking food to the proper temperature is essential.

  • Surfaces and objects, including glasses, plates, bowls, cutlery or any material used to perform the service are to be cleaned thoroughly and as frequently as possible.

  • Use of gloves and a face mask while performing a service. Note that you must toss and replace the mask afterwards.

  • Avoid close and direct contact with guests as much as possible. Keep distance of at least one meter.

  • The dishes are to be set on the table before the service begins (specifically before the guests are seated).

  • Frequently wash your hands or use alcohol/gel products to disinfect your hands.

  • Washing the fresh produce as thoroughly as possible. Although there is no evidence that viruses could survive on the surface of food, doing this precautionary measure helps remove potentially harmful microorganisms.

  • Purchase the groceries online and have them delivered to you.

  • If you have a service coming up, please avoid big agglomerations before it takes place.

We are going through an unpredictable situation with severe, global implications. Precautions are being taken as well as contingency plans to give all the necessary support to our chefs. In case you need any further assistance from us, our entire team is available for you 24/7. Please,

  • Stay healthy

  • Stay informed

  • Stay close to your loved ones

The travel and hospitality industries have never faced times like these. We remain available for you should you desire to raise your concerns or seek any kind of assistance. We are confident that this challenging situation will be over soon and that we will continue to bring joy to our guests’ tables in the near future.

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